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Site has been moved again

16 September 2011 Comments off

Two years flies by, doesn’t it? I’m fast approaching the two year mark of when I moved this blog to a decent hosting provider in response to experiencing the Slashdot Effect from a picture I shared while hosting on a budget hosting provider. Unfortunately the “new customer” pricing is history, and they’re asking for 4 times the price I paid for a reduced service. Not going to happen.

Rather than shop around for a better deal elsewhere, I’ve decided to move the blog back to The domain will point to the new location but – as does not support Feedburner – all subscribers will need to resubscribe. Apologies for this, but it’s not my choice.

In addition, I expect some links and images will be broken throughout the blog. Please bear with me while I track them down and fix. If you find any I’ve missed, please let me know.

Update: It seems that Feedburner does now work with WordPress. You can resubscribe to the Feedburner feed for this site here:

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