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16 November 2013 Comments off

It’s been a while *ahem* since I’ve posted anything here, but I note with pleasure the traffic stats showing that a significant number of people still read the site, normally having found it via search engine queries. So it stays. :)

However, with the increasing ubiquity of other forms of online discussion and the predictable habit of blog discussions turning into ideological pissing contests, I’ve reluctantly decided to both disable comments to and remove existing comments from this blog. It was a difficult decision, as there were some excellent discussions — both those with my worldview and those who oppose it — and you did contribute to what makes this blog’s content what it is today. (Despite the present cobwebs).

This decision was not made in a vacuum. There has been an increasing trend through what’s left of the traditional “blogosphere” (now hardly recognisable with sites like Google+, Tumblr, etc, becoming so popular and used as such) to disable comments. There are more effective ways to talk and doing so reduces the temptation to turn a given post into a YouTube-style verbal battleground.

If you want to chat, theres always Twitter: @Jumile


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